100% Pure Chaga Tea
All That the Rain Promises, and More...A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms
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Black Truffle Oil 100ml
Black Truffle Oil 250ml
Black Trumpet Powder
Blue Tree Oyster Spawn
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Brown Loose Oyster Spawn
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Casina Rossa Truffle Salt
Chaga Powder 2oz
Chanterelle Powder
Chipped Chaga 2oz
Cultivated Edible Mushrooms
Cultivated Mix Mushroom Powder
Cultivation & Farming
Domestic Porcini Powder
Dried Black Trumpet 1/4 lbs
Dried Black Trumpet 1oz
Dried Candy Cap 1oz
Dried Chanterelle 1/4 lbs
Dried Chanterelle 1oz
Dried Cultivated Mix 1/4 lbs
Dried Cultivated Mix 1oz
Dried Domestic Porcini 1/4 lbs
Dried Domestic Porcini 1oz
Dried European Porcini 1/4 lbs
Dried European Porcini 1oz
Dried Lion's Mane 1oz
Dried Maitake 1oz
Dried Matsutake 1/4 lbs
Dried Matsutake 1oz
Dried Morel #2 Mushroom 1/4 lbs
Dried Morel 1oz
Dried Morel Mushroom 1/4 lbs
Dried Mushrooms
Dried Reishi 1/4 lbs
Dried Reishi 1oz
Dried Shiitake 1/4 lbs
Dried Shiitake 1oz
Dried Tree Oyster Mushroom 1/4 lbs
Dried Turkey Tail 1/4 lbs
Dried Turkey Tail 1oz
Dried Wild Mix 1/4 lbs
Dried Wild Mix 1oz
Dried Wood Ear 1oz
Dummy Item
Edible mushrooms of the Forest Floor
European Porcini Powder
Far West Fungi Semi-Annual Farm Tour and Potluck, Sunday March 18th
Far West Fungi ~ Our Brand For You
Fennel & Salt 3.5oz
Field Guide To North American Truffles
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Fungi Magazine
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GOT SHROOMS? Sweater w/Hood
Gray Banner Sweater w/Hood
Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms
Heritage Mushroom Playing Cards
Honey Truffle Mustard 7oz
Italian Fennel Pollen .5 oz (15g)
King Trumpet Powder
King Trumpet Spawn
La Rustichella Black Truffle Pate 90g
La Rustichella Porcini Pate 90g
La Rustichella White Truffle Pate 90g
Le Creme Mushroom Truffle Pate
Lion's Mane Mushroom Mini-farm
Lion's Mane Spawn
Lion's Mane Spawn Plug Kit
Madagascar Vanilla Bean 1pc
Maitake Powder
Maitake Spawn
Maitake Spawn Plug Kit
Maitake Tincture 1 fl oz
Medicinal Mushrooms
Medicinal Mushrooms
Medicinal Mushrooms by Christopher Hobbs, L. Ac.
Mini-Jar Gift Pack, 6pc Salt Variety Pack
Morel Powder
Mushroom and Truffle in oil 180g
Mushroom Bisque 2.5oz
Mushroom Jerky
Mushroom Mini Farms
Mushrooms - A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar North American Species
Mushrooms Demystified Book
Mycelium Running
Mycological Nutraceuticals
Nameko ME1 Spawn
Nameko Spawn
Nameko Spawn Plug Kit
Newspaper Craft Kit
Noble Bourbon Maple Syrup 450ml
Noble Bourbon Maple Syrup 60ml
Noble Vanilla Bean & Maple Syrup 450ml
Noble Vanilla Bean & Maple Syrup 60ml
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Organic Reishi Powder
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Original T-Shirt
Original T-Shirt Toddler
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Pickled Wild Ramps 8oz
Pickled Wild Sea Beans 8oz
Pink Oyster Mushroom Mini-farm
Pink Oyster Spawn
Pioppini Powder
Poisonous and Psychotropic mushrooms
Porcini & Salt 3.5oz
Porcini Bouillon Cubes 10pc
Porcini Tagliolini
Powders and Salts
Recycled Black P.E.T. Bag
Reishi AM1 Spawn
Reishi FWF Spawn
Reishi Spawn Plug Kit
Reishi Tea
Ritrovo Marinated Mushrooms 280g
Ritrovo Truffle Trio
Sabatino Tartufi Black Summer Truffle Peelings 8.8oz
Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Oil 100ml
Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Oil 250ml
Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle Juice 14oz
Sabatino Tartufi Salsa Tartufata 90g
Sabatino Tartufi Summer Truffle Capaccio 90g
Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Honey 128g
Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest 50g
Sabatino Tarufi White Truffle Oil 100ml
Saffron & Salt 3.5oz
Shiitake Jerky 1 lb
Shiitake Jerky 2oz
Shiitake mushroom Mini-Farm
Shiitake Powder
Shiitake Spawn
Shiitake Spawn Plug Kit
Shiitake Tincture 1 fl oz
Specialty Oils
Spicy Tree Oyster Jerky 1 lb
Spicy Tree Oyster Jerky 2oz
Star Porcini Bouillon Cube 10pc
Tahitian Vanilla Bean 1pc
The Wild Mushroom Cookbook
Toasted Almonds with Truffle & Salt
Toasted Almonds with Truffle & Salt 8oz
Today's Specials
Totally Mushrooms
Tree Oyster Mushroom Mini-Farm
Tree Oyster Spawn Plug Kit
Truffle & Salt 3.5oz
Truffle & Salt & Cheese 80g
Truffle Bouillon Cubes 10pc
Truffle Popcorn
Truffle Shavers
Truffle Tagliolini 8.8oz
Truffle-Hazelnut Spread with Parmrsan Cheese
Turkey Tail Spawn Plug Kit
White Truffle Oil 100ml
White Truffle Oil 250ml
Wild Forest Products
Wild Mushroom Blend Powder
Wine Cap Spawn
Wood Ear Spawn
Wood Ear Spawn Plug Kit
Yellow Oyster Mushroom Mini-farm
Yellow Oyster Spawn