HERBAL APOTHECARY Cordycep Tincture 1 fl oz

Cordycep Tincture 1 fl oz
Cordycep Tincture 1 fl oz
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Made by Herbal Apothecary - Sebastopol, CA.

The first written evidence of this fungus dates back to 1620 in China. However, it was not until 1843 that this strange "plant-animal" was clearly understood for what it was. This mushroom uses a caterpillar as a host and sprouts from inside the insect's body through the head, eventually taking the insect's life for its own. It has so many medicinal uses that in China it is considered a national treasure. To our delight, Gourmet Mushrooms in Sebastopol, CA is now cultivating this unique mushroom on organic grains, instead of caterpillars.

Traditional Use: arthritis, anemia, respiratory, digestive and cardio-vascular diseases,impotence, exhaustion, strength restoration after illness, tonic for the heart, kidneys, liver and immune systems