Lion's Mane Hericium erinaceus FWF

Lion's Mane Spawn
Lion's Mane Spawn
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Product Description

Description: Large white Pom-poms, excellent cooked in slabs as meat replacement or peeled apart fine for a soft texture. Easy to grow! Alluring appearance & very healthful mushroom.

Cultivation: Sterlized supplemented sawdust, hardwood logs

Incubation: 70-75°F, 3-4 weeks

Fruiting: 64-75°F, 12-15 days, Fold over top of bag, and cut 2-3 holes 1 inch in diameter in top of bag. 80-90% rH, ≥1,000 PPM CO2. Up to 3 harvests per 5lb block

Yield: 20% B.E. (3/4 -1lb from 5lb sawdust block)